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Prepare for the latest malware threats
targeting the MENA region’s energy sector

There is a long history of threat actor activity targeting oil, gas, electric, nuclear, and other energy vertical entities in the Middle East. PolySwarm's latest Special Report provides you with an overview of critical threats to the region and the latest intelligence on emerging threats. Get critical insight and analysis on:

  • Multiple threat actor groups
  • Phishing & mobile-targeted Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Malware
  • Inherent security flaws found in ICS systems

Additionally, the report will support your security team’s operations with detailed assessments and known Indicators of Compromise from PolySwarm malware samples.

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PolySwarm’s next-generation malware intelligence marketplace is revolutionizing how fresh intel combats the latest threats before they can make an impact.  Polyswarm’s marketplace hosts the latest researcher-based malware engines and enables access to ongoing sources of new malware samples -  with unprecedented freshness and accuracy.

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Director of Solutions Engineering


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